25kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 Log Gasification Boiler

Date: Spring 2014 Installation: – 25kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 Log Gasification Boiler – Under-floor heating – Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery – Rainwater Harvesting System – Two Bathrooms – Electrical works Project details: David contacted us when designing his new family home in Murrow, Cambridgeshire. David had viewed our website and was keen to use…


20kW Biomass Boiler & 4,463kWh Solar Installation, Ely

Period: Winter 2014 Installation: –  20kW OkoFEN Pellematic Biomass Boiler and Pellet Silo –  6kW Solar PV –  Aarow Insert Wood-burner Project details: When working on a solar installation in Haddenham, our customer’s Father, Trevor visited the property to find out more. He had an interest in renewable heating and solar energy but didn’t want…


Under-floor Heating and Gas Boiler Installation

Date: Autumn 2015 Installation Details: Vaillant Combi Gas Boiler 824 Ecotec LoPro™Max Under-floor Heating 4kW Colbeck Multi-Fuel Stove Project Details: Paul called our office when looking to upgrading the heating system for his family home. He had a few different options in mind which he wanted to go through with a member of our Sales…

12kW / 48 Solar Panel & iBoost Installation, Ely

We were contacted by a member of the Masonic Hall in Ely who was keen to reduce the high electricity bills of the building. They had a good understanding of how solar photovoltaic (PV) works and asked if we could visit and provide a quote.

Upon visiting the building, Roly carried out a site survey which calculated that 48 panels could be installed on the south west facing roof producing approximately 10819 Kilowatt hours per annum. This would reduced their electricity bills by an estimated £1406 per year if they uses all the electricity generated.

Roly designed a solar pv system showing 3 sets of 4kW (16 panels). SunSolar black Monocrystalline panels were recommended as they are British made, utilise high quality components and techniques during the manufacturing process and come with an impressive 25 year warranty.


Ground-mounted 4kW Solar Panels, Wilburton

Period: Winter 2014 Installation: Ground-mounted 4kW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels Payback period: 9.5 years Project Details: Mr and Mrs Stubbs contacted us with an interest in having Solar PV Panels installed at their property in Wilburton, Ely. Roly visited the property to discover the best location to install the Solar Panels. There wasn’t enough roof space on…